The Mexican economy cannot stand another confinement says business council


Affiliates to the National Association of Regional Business Councils asked to avoid another lockdown in the face of the fourth wave of Covid-19.

José Manuel Urreta Ortega, president of the National Association of Regional Business Councils (ANCER), asked the Mexican government to regain the confidence of national and foreign investors, control high inflationary levels and avoid further confinement or restrictions due to the fourth wave of infections caused by Covid-19.

“The country would not support more restrictions or confinements to stop the contagion of Covid-19 in the productive, commercial and service sectors of the entire national territory, for this reason they established coordinated actions between the public and private sectors for prevention,” said the businessman.

“Although Banxico has done the same, we bring a very high inflation that is already noticeable in the pocket of Mexicans, inflation that we do not know if the federal government is going to be able to control it. I think it is an issue that should be worked on immediately, ”said Urreta Ortega.

Ignacio Alarcón, president of the Puebla Business Coordinating Council (CCE), pointed out that businesses and companies in his entity continue to operate 100%, despite the fourth wave of Covid-19.

He indicated that a deficit of 20,000 jobs persists in Puebla due to the pandemic, of which they estimate to recover around 5,000 during the first quarter of this year if there are no new confinements due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lenin Amaro Betancourt, president of the CCE Riviera Maya, recalled that as of yesterday, Monday, the region entered a yellow traffic light, since in recent days the cases of Covid-19 have increased.

“We are facing an economic and health crossroads, because on the one hand tourists continue to arrive and on the other a high rate of infections is reported,” said the hotelier.

Arturo Marí Domínguez, president of CCE Chiapas, said that the entity continues with a green traffic light, although both the population and businesses are taking more precautions than in previous months, with the experience of 2020.

Edgar Garduño Paz, president of CCE Tabasco, an entity where the local government decided to resume the daily reports of infections, indicated that despite remaining on the green light, infections are on the rise.

Omar Gutiérrez Trujillo, president of CCE La Paz, said that Covid-19 is affecting the economy of Baja California Sur in three different ways: directly to the services of the tourism sector, creating disruptions in the supply chain in the market and making it more expensive. their products in order to keep businesses alive.

“Given the excessive rise in cases, the health alert system in Baja California Sur is currently at Level 2 – Medium with the possibility of increasing to 3 – High or 4 – Very High,” recalled the Mexican investor.

“Our commitment to the business sector is to work hand in hand with the different levels of government so that, as far as possible, we can minimize the economic and social impact, avoiding the closure of commercial establishments,” he said.

The businessmen of Baja California Sur disseminate the sanitary measures to avoid contagion of Covid-19, which they will abide by to the letter in order to avoid setbacks in the epidemiological traffic light.

“We are working to raise awareness in our state Executive about the severe economic crisis that could be generated by taking measures that imply the partial or total closure of services and establishments,” said Gutiérrez Trujillo.

He added that the business sector in the state is concerned about the high degree of contagion from the Omicron variant and called for joint actions with the government to avoid the return of mobility restrictions and schedules.

The country’s organized regional entrepreneurs indicated that during this year they will establish different alliances both with the government and with other private initiative organizations to contribute to a more accelerated and sustained economic recovery.

In addition, they estimate a GDP growth of between 2 and 3% at the end of the year, below the four percentage points expected by the government and far from the needs of the population.

“It is clear that the state, federal or municipal governments are facilitators, managers of the wealth that companies generate. It is important that there is symbiosis and that the best for the country is really wanted, leaving aside the political. When you mix the economic with the political is when the problems come, ”said Urreta Ortega.


Mexico Daily Post