VIDEO: Senior thought her cell phone didn’t work since her children had not called


A senior went viral on social networks, after going for technical service to “fix” an alleged failure in her cell phone, however, the problem was much more serious and sad than she imagined.

The lady went to a technology plaza to “repair” her cell phone since she had not been able to receive calls from some of her children for more than a year, an event that had her worried and sad. 

The first technician tried to take advantage of her and charge her 1500 pesos, an amount that the grandmother could not pay, however, fortunately, a young man overheard the conversation and decided to help her without any problem. 

When checking her mobile equipment, the technician realized that it did not present any defects, on the contrary, it was in perfect condition, the only thing he did not have was the interest and initiative of her children to call her.

The smile returns to her face

The young man decided to mark one of his children to comment on what happened and his mother’s sadness. As the days went by, the lady returned with the technician with a smile on her face and accompanied by her son, who decided to visit her. 

Thanks to his good deed, the woman wanted to pay him for having “fixed” her cell phone, something that the young man did not accept, on the contrary, he thanked him for his trust and restored hope in humanity to users. 


Mexico Daily Post