Replacement of vehicle plates in Querétaro begins on January 1


QUERÉTARO. December 30, 2021.- This January 1, the vehicle replacement program will formally begin, which also includes a free insurance program of up to 150 thousand pesos.

It will be until that date when it will be reported how much the users of vehicles with plates of the state of Querétaro will pay.

But for those who make punctual payments online in the months of January to March, there will be a discount of up to 30%, it will be only 15% if you go to collection boxes in offices and up to 30% if the payment is made through media. digital or establishments 

This includes the issuance of metal plates, registration card, and vehicle identification sticker.

In the Legislative Gazette that was voted this December, it was indicated that whoever processes license plates for a car, truck, bus or trailer must pay 2,330 pesos and 12 cents, that is, 26 times the value of the Measurement and Update Unit ( UMA).

The plates will be delivered in April, it was reported by the state government.


The Queretaro Post