The LGBTQ+ community of Querétaro has a new online space!


A place for the great, wonderful, and fabulous LGBTQ+ community of Querétaro to talk, meet, ask questions, share information, and come together as a friendly, positive, welcoming group… let’s stand united together as a community while helping and supporting one another by providing the best and fastest way to obtain information.

Want to arrange a group meet-up? Get together for drinks, or coffee, or tacos? Let’s do it!

Need to find a roommate? Want to find/share cool places to discover or visit?

When is the nearest and next drag show? Looking for local LGBTQ+ events? Want to find a LGBTQ+ realtor?

Looking for LGBTQ+ friendly businesses? Interested in arranging meet-ups, or tours? Do you have safety information to share?

GAY QUERÉTARO Facebook page is the space you were looking for!


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