Profeco will withdraw these brands of chocolate powder and bars


Profeco noted that some brands contain less product than the label claims, while others add fat and shortening. 

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) announced that after a study of its laboratory, the analysis of brands of chocolate powder and bar will be presented, in which packages with less product than that displayed on their labels were detected, and others that deceive with poorly crafted legends, which is why they will be withdrawn from the market.

In an interview, the head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, detailed that in the Consumer Magazine of January 2022, 32 presentations of powdered and bar chocolates that are sold throughout the country were analyzed, where five brands put less product in their packaging.

Profeco retirará estas marcas de chocolate en polvo y barra

“We found five that are missing. The worst is a chocolate called Don Gustavo, since it gives 16 percent less chocolate. The other brands are amounts smaller than 4 to 6 percent, but that of Don Gustavo did go overboard, “he said.

«The most delicate case is a product called Golden Hills, and it adds chocolate, fat and vegetable butter of palm, and it is not allowed by the norm to add that type of vegetable fat, it is adding vegetable fat of coconut or Palm that is not allowed, that was a sensitive issue, “he added.

He explained that the Don Gustavo chocolate brand is going to leave the market because it brings two serious problems, that of relabeling, for not placing the legends correctly on their packaging, and for less than 16 percent less content.

“That is something that cannot be corrected if a new label is put on, but how do you manage to put 16 percent more in all the packages”, he questioned.

“The other issue, Golden Hills, that is also going to be immobilized and withdrawn from the market, because it is something that cannot be corrected, it is using coconut or palm oil, which is not allowed. So it is those products that leave the market, and the others change their labels ”, assured the representative of Profeco.

He also spoke about the Precíssimo brand that belongs to Soriana:

“Apart from telling lies, because it breaches the labeling law, like Don Gustavo, the Precíssimo have 11.4 percent less, it is also delicate, it is also withdrawn because it does not give much to the consumer,” he added.

He indicated that the labeling problem was presented by seven chocolate brands such as:

  • Vitamin Choco.
  • Cuidado Diario.
  • Great Value.
  • Chocolate Vaquita.
  • Precíssimo.
  • Choco choco.
  • Chocolate De Mesa Don Gustavo.

“These products, which, as they have a polygon on the packaging, cannot include phrases of reduced sugar, added with vitamins, contain vitamins and minerals; because those phrases make you believe that it has additional nutritional value and that it is better than others. The law is clear that when they have a polygon on the packaging, they cannot carry certain types of phrases, and these products are labeled with phrases such as: so those products will have to be relabelled, “he argued.


Mexico Daily Post