3 perfect cocktail ideas to celebrate the holidays with a Latin twist


So, we have entered the last month of the year, and it’s almost time for celebration. In these last weeks of 2021, families and friends are gathering in their homes to celebrate Christmas and the arrival of the New Year. It’s a perfect time to throw a good party, and the best way to enjoy festivities is to add a special cultural element to it. It can be added in the form of ethnic decorations, costumes, or even drinks. Does this idea sound attractive to you? If yes, read on and surprise your guests with these Christmas drinks with a Latin twist.

Most of us think that Christmas traditions remain unchanged every single year. If we look at these traditions from the drink perspective, it will only support this point. The traditional eggnog is definitely still one of the most popular drinks of the season, and no party or celebration is complete without this delicious cocktail whose origins date back to the Middle Ages in the Old Continent.

It has three main ingredients: milk, egg, and alcohol, but did you know that many Latin American countries have their own recipes? Perhaps the best known are still the Puerto Rican Coquito or the Mexican Rompope, with its unmistakable rum or tequila flavor.

But why not get a little imaginative and mix up a delicious drink called Cola de Mono in your cocktail shaker. Making it is elementary, even easier than ordering an essay from wowessays.com when you need help. The Chilean version of the eggnog and the base is the same, but the main spirit is pisco, a type of brandy drunk in Chile and Peru.

The citrus flavors provided by tropical fruits are always a perfect alternative to give a refreshing touch to any of your festive drinks. If margaritas are your thing, try making a mango or pineapple-flavored margarita, and you’ll see how your guests will be asking for seconds.

Go for a little innovation, and instead of using tequila, go for its cousin mezcal to give your drink its unmistakable woody flavor. Or, if you prefer to take the drink to another level, why not frost your glass with a bit of salt mixed with jalapeño?

Nor should one of the most popular drinks of the season be missing from your recipe book. We’re talking about Mexican punch, which contains a large amount of fruit such as guava, tamarindo, or tejocote and can be served hot or cold – the most delicious presentation if you live in a cold area.

Cooked over low heat, the punch will end up filling your home with a delicious fruity aroma mixed with piloncillo and cinnamon. You can also make this drink one of the favorites of the little ones in the house if you decide to prepare a “mocktail” – the non-alcoholic version of the cocktail.

Now you know how to add a bit of a wild Latin spark to your party. Be sure to try some of them yourself and make the upcoming festivities even more fun.

Mexico Daily Post