Mexican Restaurants Ranked in 2021 Latin America’s Top 50


The highly-anticipated special edition list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021: Pasado y Futuro was revealed in November 2021.

Eleven Mexican restaurants ranked in the top 50! The list includes the Mexico City usual suspects (Pujol, Quintonil, etc) and also some off-the-beaten-path restaurants from Toluca, Cancun and Valle de Guadalupe. Check out all the Mexican ranked restaurants and how to book your reservation below.

amaranta restaurant toluca mexico

Style: Mexican contemporary cuisine

Concept: Amaranta reinterpret recipes, ingredients and gastronomic customs of the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico

By growing organic herbs, vegetables and edible flowers and sourcing ingredients from around Estado de México state, chef Pablo Salas offers the region’s best culinary expression at Amaranta.

The contemporary seven-course tasting menu changes every two months and wine pairings are put together by sommelier Francisco Salas, who runs the restaurant alongside his chef brother.

Chef: Pablo Salas

Address: Calle Gral. Francisco Murguía 16 Pte. 401 (Toluca)
Insta: @restamaranta

Visit Amaranta’s website.

top 50 best restaurants - corazon de tierra

Style: Mexican contemporary cuisine

Concept: according to the restaurant’s page on Google, Corazón de Tierra is permanently closed. We don’t know if it’s a temporary close due to the pandemic, so we  decided to add it to this post as the restaurant ranked 40 in the World’s 50 List.

Chef: Diego Hernández Baquedano

Address: Rancho San Marcos Toros Pintos s/n km 88 (Guadalupe Valley, Baja California Norte)

Insta: @corazondtierra

Visit Corazón de Tierra’s website.

best mexican restaurants - le chique

Style: Experimental modern cuisine

Concept: Le Chique features a gourmet, adult’s only restaurant as well as lavish lounge areas which are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine.

Part restaurant, part house of mirrors, Le Chique challenges diners on every level with its multi-sensory, experiential tasting menu.

Chef: Jonatán Gómea

Address: Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun (Cancun)

Insta: @lechiquerestaurant

Visit Le Chique’s website.

best restaurants in mexico - nicos

Style: traditional Mexican cuisine

Concept: A much-loved institution, Nicos has been satisfying Mexicans’ stomachs for more than 60 years. Architect-turned-chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo creates dishes that take diners on an odyssey through the country’s rich culinary heritage.

Chef: Gerardo Vázquez Lugo

Address: Av. Cuitláhuac 3102 (Mexico City)

Insta: @nicosmexico

Visit Nicos’ website.

best restaurants in mexico - maximo bistrot

Style: contemporary Mexican + European fusion

Concept: Opened in 2011 by chef Eduardo García and his wife, Gabriela Lopez, Máximo Bistrot celebrates seasonal, fresh and local ingredients. Making the most of sustainable gardens and crops in and around Mexico City, García has made a name for himself as a star of the city’s food scene

Chef: Eduardo Garcia

Address: Álvaro Obregón 65 (Mexico City)

Insta: @maximobistrot

Visit Maximo Bistrot’s website.

best restaurants in mexico - alcalde

Style: down-to-earth regional mexican cuisine

Concept: Chef Francisco ‘Paco’ Ruano’s simple, ‘frank’ Mexican cooking in open kitchen style. The restaurant is stylish, welcoming in Guadalajara.

Chef: Francisco “Paco” Ruano

Address: Av. México 2903 (Guadalajara)

Insta: @restalcalde

Visit Alcalde’s website.

best restaurants in mexico - rosetta

Style: artisanal Mexican cuisine

Concept: Chef Elena Reygadas made her name specializing in exquisite hand-made pasta dishes. In recent years, the restaurant’s emphasis has shifted towards a deeper Mexican sensibility with reinterpretations of tamales and mole recipes, alongside the likes of quail served with faro, dates and mustard leaves.

Chef: Elena Reygadas

Address: Colima 166 (Mexico City)

Insta: @restauranterosetta

Visit Rosetta’s website.

best restaurants in mexico - pangea

Style: contemporary Mexican cuisine

Concept: Chef Guillermo Gonzales and his team apply modern French cooking techniques to the region’s superb local produce, resulting in sophisticated and flavourful plates

Chef: Guillermo González Beristáin

Address: Bosques del Valle 110-b (San Pedro Garza García, Monterrey)

Insta: @restaurantepangea

Visit Pangea’s website.

best restaurants in Mexico - sud 777

Style: contemporary Mexican cuisine

Concept: Chef Edgar Nuñez toured the globe cooking at some of the world’s finest restaurants – including Noma and El Bulli – before returning home to join Sud 777, a restaurant which applies the techniques he learnt on his travels to Mexico’s humble, indigenous ingredients.

Chef: Edgar Nuñez

Address: Boulevard de la Luz 777 (Mexico City)

Insta: @sud777mx

Visit Sud 777’s website.

best restaurants in mexico - quintonil

Style: contemporary Mexican cuisine

Concept: Quintonil is the emblem for the gastronomical project headed by Alejandra Flores and Jorge Vallejo. The aim is to express Mexican flavors with a personal touch.

Chef: Jorge Vallejo

Address: Boulevard de la Luz 777 (Mexico City)

Insta: @rest_quintonil

Visit Quintonil’s website.

best restaurants in mexico - pujol

Style: contemporary Mexican cuisine

Concept: Enrique Olvera opened Pujol in Mexico City in 2000. His cooking is always changing; it draws ideas from everywhere, always reinterpreting and evolving, but with the roots in Mexican ingredients and techniques of all times.

Chef:  Enrique Olvera

Address: Tennyson 133 (Mexico City)

Insta: @pujolrestaurant

Visit Pujol’s website.

Mexicans on the list

12.- Sud 777 de Édgar Nuñez  (Ciudad de México)
15.- Pangea de Guillermo Beristáin con la cocina de Eduardo Morali (Monterrey. nuevo León)
27.- Rosetta de elena Reygadas (Ciudad de México)
32.- Alcalde de Francisco Ruano (Guadalajara, Jalisco)
33.- Máximo Bistrot de Eduardo García (Ciudad de México)
35.- Nicos de Elena Lugo y Gerardo Vázquez Lugo (CDMX)
38.- Le Chique de Jonathan Gómez Luna (Cancún)
40.- Corazón de Tierra del chef Diego Baquedano (Baja California Norte)

Foto: FB Corazón de Tierra

44.- Amaranta de Pablo Salas (Toluca, Estado de México)
57.- La Docena de Tomás Bermúdez (Guadalajara, Jalisco)
62,. Manzanilla de Solange Muris y Benito Molina (Ensenada, Baja California)
63.- Casa Oaxaca de Álex Ruíz (Oaxaca)
72.- Merotoro de Jaír Téllez (CDMX)
79.- Laja de Jaír Téllez (Ensenada, Baja California)
85.- Dulce PAtria de Martha Ortíz (CDMX)
95.- Pitiona de Jose Manuel Baños (Oaxaca)
98.- Deckman´s en El Mogor (Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California)

A special award went to Eduardo García de Máximo, for reinventing himself in times of pandemic in a positive way, leaving a mark for the future, a prize awarded by the beer sponsoring the event. During the 18 months of health crisis, he demonstrated sustainable practices, fair trade as well as social programs where he fed those who needed it most. 

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