11 Americans arrested for selling weapons in Tijuana


In total, 14 people were arrested, 11 of them of US citizens. Among the charges, they are accused of is the smuggling of weapons and drugs.

In Tijuana, Baja California, a group of fourteen people was linked to the process after finding evidence that links them to the illegal sale of weapons and drugs in the region.

According to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), during a search operation carried out at a house in the Independencia neighborhood, some weapons and narcotics were seized, also arresting 14 more implicated, 11 of them of United States nationality.

Upon entering, elements of the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), and the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), arrived at the property and carried out the respective inspection with the help of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Regional Control (FECOR), discovering that it functioned as narcotics distribution center and arms sale.

A total of 4 small arms, parts to make a firearm, chargers and bullets of various calibers, as well as synthetic drugs such as window, methamphetamine and other controlled drugs were seized.

A specialized judge established preventive detention as a precautionary measure for the probable commission of crimes stipulated by the Federal Firearms Law and crimes against health.

Baja California Post