Marcelo Ebrard declares there will be no impunity after the death of 55 migrants in Chiapas


With other countries of the continent, international human trafficking networks will be investigated to find those responsible.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, affirmed that in conjunction with the Central American governments, the international human trafficking network that would be behind the crash of a trailer that occurred in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, will be investigated to ensure that there is no impunity.

“At the proposal of Guatemala, we created groups for immediate action against traffickers, with the aim of identifying, apprehending and bringing to justice the members and commanders of this transnational organization responsible for this human tragedy, it is unacceptable that these networks continue to be responsible for the terrible loss of life, “he explained.

The federal official explained that they have the commitment to apply the law against whoever is responsible, in addition to working in a coordinated manner, although from the territory of each nation through legal cooperation.

In addition to this, a mechanism will be established for the exchange of information in a fluid and direct way to present results as soon as possible to the relatives and the public opinion, this mechanism is open to all the countries of the region and has already been signed by Guatemala. Ecuador, the United States, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

“The countries of the region reiterate our support for safe, orderly, and regular migration and we reiterate our repudiation of international criminal networks for trafficking in persons, we will not allow impunity.”

So far, at least 55 people have lost their lives and there are more than 100 injured.

Source: Publimetro

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