German foreigner cries when trying tacos for the first time in Mexico; video goes viral


It was through TikTok that the moment when a young German tried tacos for the first time on his visit to Mexico became viral. And he did, he ate them from a stall – like hundreds there are – on the street.

Mexican food is one of the best internationally. It is recognized for its various dishes, it is even considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco). For this reason, the reactions of foreigners trying Mexican food for the first time cause a sensation. Such is the case of a young woman who on TikTok showed how her German boyfriend cried when he tried the delicious tacos for the first time. Did you like them?

It was through TikTok that the moment when a young German tried tacos for the first time on his visit to Mexico became viral. 

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According to what was narrated in the video of the young Ale Vaca, originally from Guadalajara, her boyfriend was surprised by the taste of tacos in Mexico, as they are “life”.

“Tacos are life,” reads the description of the viral video.

What was the German’s reaction? As can be seen in the video, the German was moved to tears by the unique flavor that Mexican tacos give away. He assured me that it is the best thing he has tasted in his life.

“The best food I’ve ever had in my life,” said the German.

The video immediately went viral with multiple reactions, among which the following messages stand out:

“We know, brother, we know”; “I almost cried with him”; “The tacos are 10 out of 10”; “I want this man to be my friend”; “Long live those of us who cry with food,” read between the comments.


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