Puerto Vallarta will have 2nd air terminal to accommodate increase in passengers


The director of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, Cryshtian José Amador Lizardi, reported that despite the pandemic, investments for the next few years in the airport complex will continue, as well as the creation of the second terminal, so in the period of 2020 -2024, the investment exceeds 3,26 million pesos, while for the five-year period of 2025-2029, more than 1,313 million pesos will be invested.

“We are already in preliminary work, it is a very arduous job with all the authorities involved in this and taking good care of sustainability, which is something important for the construction issue and the operation itself.”

He indicated that two terminals are being built in Jalisco, one in Guadalajara and the other that will be in Puerto Vallarta:

“There follows a commitment of 3 billion pesos of commitment to the destination and the authorities and this investment issue continues, as well as executing investments, we saw it in 2020 and these will continue to be given until the end of the five-year period of 2024 and the good news is the new terminal ”.

He pointed out that with this new terminal it will represent double the area and passenger screening lines, as well as 50% more telescopic aisles and checked baggage screening systems; All of this gives passengers more space and makes their trip more enjoyable.

Within the investment amount, more than 1,700 million pesos stand out for the new Terminal Building and capacity and quality projects on the runway, platform, taxiways, roads, parking lots, tower, among other facilities to optimize operations; in addition to 800 million pesos in state-of-the-art equipment such as specialized vehicles for the Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (SSEI), safety equipment and the renovation of aerocars for passenger transportation.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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