Users denounce poor public transport service on the Lake Chapala-Guadalajara route


Users of the Chapala – Guadalajara route complained about the terrible service offered by the only public transport company in the communities because, in the morning departures to the capital of Guadalajara, the units are overcrowded.

Users pointed out that it is uncomfortable to travel in an overcrowded truck and said that they literally moved to the state capital ” like in a pot. 

Another user evidenced in videos that last Monday, November 22, users of Cedros, Buenavista, Aguilillas, and Ixtlahuacán could not take public transport due to the overcrowding of trucks on the Autotransportes Guadalajara-Chapala line.

“ Many people stayed because the trucks do not stop, they are always in a hurry, they are late and you are the one who takes them because they do not stop. There are people at all the stops ”, exhibited a user on social networks.

The overcrowding occurs because during the mornings there is a lot of demand for transport due to the fact that students and workers travel to the capital to their respective activities.

However, users showed that the wait was more than an hour due to the overcrowding of the trucks.

In the community of Cedros in the municipality of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, a user exhibited waiting from 6:10 in the morning and after the passage of three trucks from the monopoly route, they were not able to take public transport.

Faced with this situation, users asked authorities to demand that the company increase the number of trucks that provide the service during the mornings.


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