Vigilantes in Tamaulipas, alleged thieves tied up and painted as the Joker


Something peculiar has been happening in the state of Tamaulipas, in recent days, because as in the movies alleged thieves have been appearing tied hands to posts and characterized by the fictional character “The Joker”, belonging to the saga of the vigilante of the night “The Batman”, with the legend “I am a thief” painted on his forehead, remaining that way until the police arrive to make his arrest.

On the night of November 20, the inhabitants of the Río Bravo municipality, in Tamaulipas, were suddenly surprised by four young people tied by the hands with adhesive tape, their torso naked, and their faces painted as if they were the Joker or the Joker, they began to walk down Avenida Francisco I. Madero. The subjects had the legend “I am a rat” written on their foreheads, the group was supposedly robbing transport buses when they were caught.

But it is not the only case, on October 19, in the same town, a man and a woman were found in the same conditions: tied up, painted as the arch-enemy of Batman, a DC Comics superhero, and with the same inscription, the woman on the forehead and man on the torso.

Both were tied with duct tape to the post of a traffic light located between Avenida Francisco I. Madreo and Calle Oaxaca. Local media indicate that a woman’s bag had been stolen.

Regarding this fact, the newspaper Hoy Tamaulipas points out that it is believed that those who acted against the alleged thieves are members of an organized crime group, although the authorities have not commented on the matter. Other users of social networks believe that it is the work of a man who has already been baptized as “the vigilante” of Tamaulipas.

May be an image of 1 person

In images disseminated on social networks, it can be seen that the woman had managed to get loose and was helping her partner to escape, however, the authorities arrived and detained them.

On November 5, a man appeared tied to the same post, but he was completely naked, next to him was a card that read: “by the rat.”

The journalist Seth Rojas Molina reported that seven people have already appeared in similar conditions so far in November, without the authorities ruling on the cases.

Currently, in Tamaulipas a war is being fought between various organized crime groups, as the state is fighting over Zetas Vieja Escuela, the Northeast cartel, which are cells of the Zetas; and Los Metros, Los Ciclones, Los Escorpiones, Los Rojos, and Las Panteras, which are spin-offs of the Gulf cartel.

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