Colombian Huatulco expat continues to contribute to the community


Karen Palma arrived from Colombia to Huatulco, but while here she suffered a very serious illness. The diagnosis after several days of consultations and studies was type “C” pancreatitis, a disease that is very delicate and risky.

 Not having foreseen at any time that this would happen on his vacations in Huatulco, in addition to not having relatives in this city, everything was complicated, in addition to not having a hospital where he could solve everything at once, he had to come and go several times from Bahías de Huatulco to the municipal seat until she was finally diagnosed and referred to the Hospital de la Mujer in Valles Centrales de Oaxaca.

Once recovered, she felt committed to both local people, as well as national and international tourists, and as she was a General Nurse with specialties, she felt that she should do something to help provide affordable medical services to low-income patients, as well. as well as opening a hospital where surgical interventions and more medical services could be carried out in order to give patients a recovery so that if they are traveling they can return home safely with their families.

Because Huatulco is a high-level tourist destination, there are patients who come by different means of transportation; some by plane, others by bus, others by boat or private vehicle, as well as locals. Everyone has a need to be cared for and to recover so that they can continue with their daily activities.

So he began by opening a medical office in the Bay of Santa Cruz, later in a very popular sector, U2, to later open the Hospital Clinic “San Miguel”, also providing a series of services, such as “doctor at home”, which consists of providing medical care at home, even when the patient is in a hotel room. Doctors go there by calling them on the phone: 9581 121 473, expanding services that also include patient care at their hotel, or childcare so that adults can confidently go to the night shows offered by five-star hotels. .

They also have administrative services to be able to charge directly to national and international insurers, so that those who have insurance for medical expenses do not worry because the service is charged directly with the insurance companies.

Karen Palma Robledo tells us that she is grateful to God and to life, for having come out of the difficult situation she experienced during her stay and that if this happened it was for something; It was undoubtedly for her to help more people by providing this type of medical services, which she does with the “San Miguel” Medical Group, which includes the hospital and a series of medical offices located in strategic places, to provide care to low-income patients.

Karen Palma recently gave an interview to a television channel, where she talked about some anecdotes with patient international tourists who have recovered to return to their countries, who came from far away places, being experiences that seem to be taken from a movie, since never they imagined living an event of this nature.

Altruism is something that is practiced in this medical group, which knows that there is a commitment to the community. That is why they have affiliations to receive unlimited medical consultations for only $ 100 a month, also providing totally free services in campaigns such as breast cancer and in special cases of highly vulnerable and low-income patients, everything is valued and helped, because quality It has to be demonstrated with facts and that is what its staff practices.

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