Chedraui has been “the king of fake sales” in Buen Fin 2021 says Profeco


Ricardo Sheffield, head of Profeco, criticized that in this season of discounts Office Depot has not wanted to fix any complaints.

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) withdrew a promotion of  “El Buen Fin”  from Grupo Comercial Chedraui for not complying with the operating rules of the discount campaign, and assured that said establishment is “the king of false offers.”

During his speech at the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Ricardo Sheffield, head of the agency, pointed out that, so far, Walmart de México has 35 percent of the claims for the season. Followed by Soriana, with 8 percent; Chedraui, 5 percent; and Elektra, 3 percent.

“We have detected cases of false offers, but they are very few. The king of false offers has been Chedraui who, in the week before the Good End, raised croquettes 27 percent and dropped them 25 percent in the campaign. In the end, the croquettes are 2 percent higher than before El Buen Fin. We suspended their promotion. We also had a problem with a tray that they sold for 33 pesos and then they did not want to sell it because they claimed it was 33 dollars, it cannot be sold in any other way other than Mexican pesos, ”he explained.

The owner indicated that, in the same season of 2020, the platform “Who is Who in prices” reported 77 thousand inquiries. While, to date, the site has 182 thousand requests for information.

In addition, he said that the number of claims has decreased; During “The Good End” of 2020, they received one thousand 56 complaints from consumers,  today they have an accumulated number of 472.

“Office Depot does not want to fix any complaints, it has been very responsive at other times. While Liverpool and Coppel have 100 percent conciliation, in most cases, if it is not in the store, it is via telephone ”, he indicated.

On the other hand, the agency explained that the purchase of clothing and footwear has fallen; going from being 22 percent of acquisitions, in 2020, to 20 percent for this year’s campaign.

Meanwhile,  the purchase of groceriestogether with the travel and tourism category, which last year was not included in the season, represent 13 and 10 percent of purchases, respectively.

“It points to a recovery in the tourism sector that urgently recovers, this is good news, an indication that an important recovery is coming on this issue,” said Sheffield Padilla

According to data from the agency, about 93 percent of consumers in urban areas are participating in the season, with an average family spending of 7 thousand pesos.

Profeco revealed that 48 percent of purchases are made physically and the rest online; with greater participation of small and medium suppliers.

He also assured that the purchase of gel and face masks is no longer as relevant as in the 2020 campaign.

“On average 30 percent are spending savings that they made as a family; 20 percent, with credit and 19 percent buy with the money they received this month, they are not getting into debt and they buy things they need ”, he concluded.


Mexico Daily Post