Mikado Puerto Vallarta brings the magic of Momijigari


Mikado has distinguished itself as a space that captures Japanese culture and the flavors of this beautiful country, recognized for its exquisite variety of dishes and flavors. From the architecture of the restaurant to the detail and respect for its gastronomy, for more than 25 years it has focused on offering new culinary experiences to its guests and local public. 

This month it will launch its first special menu of Noodles and Ramen, in honor of the celebration of Momijigari or “hunting of red leaves”. This activity consists of looking for the most striking shades of the leaves and has been one of the most popular events in Japan for centuries, due to the amazing spectacle of transition of colors in the trees, which nature gives to its citizens and thousands of tourists who travel alone to contemplate this beautiful visual spectacle.

Autumn forest in Asia

Mikado will welcome this season that is so significant in Japan: autumn, to share with his guests the joy and warmth that these colors bring with them and to “attract the harvest”. 

What better way to enjoy some delicious and traditional noodles and ramen? Dishes that the local community of Mikado from Puerto Vallarta, requested with such enthusiasm. This special menu will offer a unique gastronomic experience to all those who love and know the true flavors of Japan and why not, welcome another season of 2021 with good energy and with top quality food to pamper yourself. 

Mikado Restaurant, Marriott

Enjoy the Ramen and Noodles Festival from October 22 to the end of November. The beloved community of locals is totally welcome, the menu offers three types of noodles and six dishes of ramen, creatively devised and prepared by the talented chefs specializing in Japanese cuisine and their guest chef. Special cost for the local public. 

Reserve your place and enjoy the unique experience that Mikado Puerto Vallarta brings to you.

Momijigari festival

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