Under AMLO government Mexico is now the fifth most corrupt country in the world: World Justice Project


Corruption index worldwide: Mexico falls 14 places, to 135

The country was in 117th place two years ago, according to the Rule of Law ranking.

According to the ranking of the World Justice Project (WJP)Mexico ranks 135 out of 139 among the most corrupt nations in the world, being on the same level as poor African countries or those involved in violence.

Despite the fact that the fight against corruption is an emblem of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico went from ranking 117 in 2019, to 135 in 2021, out of 139 countries analyzed.

The Global Index of Rule of Law, WJP has analyzed different factors grouped into eight indicators, among them “Absence of Corruption”, where Mexico was the worst evaluated.

At the global level, it could only surpass Uganda, Cameroon, Cambodia, and the Congo, while in Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico was the worst of 32 countries that are analyzed.

In the Global Index of Rule of Law 2021, it placed Mexico in position 113 out of 139 countries, nine places below the previous year, when it was in position 104.

With this, Mexico has a comparable rule of law, according to the ranking, with Nigeria, Madagascar, Angola, and Mali.

At the regional level, Mexico only surpasses Honduras, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela.

The Global Rule of Law Index 2021 places Denmark, Norway, and Finland in the top three places, while at the bottom of the list it places Venezuela, preceded by Cambodia and the Congo.

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