Puerto Vallarta in 4th place in the perception of safety, who is now in 1st and who has dropped


It is very good news that Los Cabos has been in the top five national places for a year and a half as a city with the perception of greater security, said the executive president of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos, Julio Castillo Gómez.

Likewise, apart from being the third place among all the municipalities of the country, Los Cabos appears as the first place with the best perception of security by citizens among all the tourist municipalities of the country, while La Paz occupies second place and Puerto Vallarta fourth place, according to the Centro de Investigación y Competitividad Turística Anáhuac ( CICOTUR ).

perception of safety of tourist destinations

He stressed that the latter is a variable or measure that is indicative of what is happening in Los Cabos that in the end the survey is among citizens who live in Los Cabos and it is what they are perceiving and it is a result of the work of all the security institutions, the coordination that exists, what has been invested, what has been done, the participation of society and the private sector.

“From all the joint work that motivates us to continue working, knowing that there are conditions for the image and investment growth to be reflected here and as a tourist destination by tourists who arrive with the confidence that Los Cabos is a safe, organized destination that offers, apart from natural beauties and good services, correct hygiene, safety and health conditions ”.

This good news leads us to continue working in the same direction with the authorities, accompanying the issue and not letting go to continue keeping these first places in the perception of greater security.

It is worth mentioning that La Paz and Puerto Vallarta are located in the second and fourth places with the highest perception of security in tourist centers; Los Cabos has also been among the top five safest places in the country for a year and a half.

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Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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