“Burden Run” Extreme competition will arrive in Puerto Vallarta


On November 6, the Burden Run event will be held for the first time in Puerto Vallarta, which is the largest fitness festival in Mexico and in which more than 850 athletes from Mexico and other countries are expected, as well as an economic outflow of above 7 million pesos.

At a press conference, Carlos Alba, director of this race, reported that this event will be held in the Canopy River and there will be different obstacles, a cross-country route and there will be two distances: 8 and 16 kilometers. 

Burden Run en Vallarta

The athlete will leave the circuit and will be facing different natural obstacles; The objective is to reach the goal and not miss any obstacle since it will have penalties, so it will be the first time it will be held in this city and the idea is that this event stays in Puerto Vallarta.


Since 90% of the participants are foreigners and this will generate large occupations in the city as an economic spill.

“We are talking about an approximate attendance of 1,200 people with an average expenditure of 2,000 pesos per day, and it is expected that they will stay 3 nights in Puerto Vallarta and thus generate an economic benefit of 7 million pesos.” 

Burder Run in Vallarta

On the other hand, José Ludwig Estrada Virgen, in charge of the municipal tourism direction, indicated that they hope that Jalisco will go to green traffic light by that date and thus there will be greater attendance, in addition to that this race will be a great tourist attraction.

Besides, it would be a great opportunity for the destination if this event was held every year in the city, since Puerto Vallarta will offer natural settings for tourists and athletes to enjoy their stay while also competing.

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