In broad daylight they shoot young man in San Cristóbal de Las Casas


An amount of 140 thousand pesos was stolen from an account holder in the heart of San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.- An amount of 140 thousand pesos was stolen from an account holder in the heart of the city of San Cristóbal, around 12 noon.

Mario Alfredo Pérez Ramírez, had left a bank branch and when he was walking along the walkway 20 de Noviembre, corner with Calle 5 de Febrero, in the historic center of San Cristóbal, 2 people on a black motorcycle intercepted him and took his backpack where he carried the cash, and after the struggle, he was wounded with a firearm impact at the level of the groin.

The subject, originally from Betania, municipality of Teopisca, was transferred to the hospital for evaluation aboard a municipal civil protection unit.

The municipal police deployed an operation to find those responsible, but as of press time, they had not issued any official statement.

It is worth mentioning that this morning, the San Cristóbal Municipal Police Directorate published that since it was a fortnight, they made available the securities transfer program, a free, safe and discreet service that works every day of the year.

They explained that they only had to contact our direct line: 967 674 0404 or write to us by WhatsApp at 967 149 3521, providing your name, as well as the point of origin and destination of your banking operations.

Once this information has been confirmed, armed personnel from the institution will provide you with the necessary support, thereby preventing you from being the victim of any crime.

The subject, originally from Betania, Teopisca municipality, was taken to the hospital for evaluation


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