Ejidatarios protest in Oaxaca due to Hierve el Agua reopening


“We have the documents that guarantee and legitimize the possession and ownership of the plot where Hierve el Agua is located,” said Eder Salinas, legal advisor of the Commissariat Ejidal to EL UNIVERSAL

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Authorities and residents of the municipality of San Lorenzo Albarradas blocked the entrances of Ciudad Administrativa on Thursday, in protest at the entry of tourists to Hierve el Agua, even when the state government announced that the stone waterfalls would not be reopened until reaching an agreement between the communities in dispute.

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“Today it is required that dialogue be the solution of conflicts, through a negotiation table; As has always been stated, we have the documents that guarantee and legitimize the possession and ownership of the plot where Hierve el Agua is located ”, Eder Salinas, legal advisor of the Ejidal Commissariat told EL UNIVERSAL .

“They are common lands in which it has been verified, through all jurisdictional instances, that they are the true and legitimate owners,” said the lawyer.

This protest occurs one day after the residents of San Isidro Roaguía opened the doors of the stone waterfalls to a group of national and international tourists, as they argued that this income is necessary for the local economy.

On Monday, the General Secretariat of the Government (Segego) issued a statement in which it stated that said tourist site would not reopen until there was dialogue and a peaceful solution was found for both communities; however, the Roaguía authorities ignored it.

Eder Salinas affirmed that, despite the fact that in the last 18 years at least 500 million pesos have been collected from tickets, the urban infrastructure and the site have not had any improvements.

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“A very easy account, of 1,500 people a day who arrived before the pandemic, at 50 pesos each, they give us 75,000 pesos a day; for 18 years, they give about 500 million pesos … where is that money? Where is the advancement of the communities?

“The Roaguía and San Lorenzo Albarradas road has remained the same for 20 years. The commitment of society is required to be able to fight for the rule of law, ”he said.

After the reopening, Segego confirmed that a meeting with authorities from both communities is still in place, for this Friday, October 15, in which they are expected to reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties.

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