San Miguel de Allende conference on “WATER SCARCITY AND A NEW CLASS OF POLLUTANTS


Dylan Terrell, co-founder and Executive Director of Caminos de Agua is a local non-profit organization that works on water issues at the regional level that has recently been invited by the Jewish Cultural and Community Center of San Miguel to give a virtual talk on the current state of water in San Miguel de Allende and the surrounding region.

This is an important opportunity to learn more about a growing crisis that affects us all and to have your questions answered.

Caminos has been working for the past ten years to provide open-source water solutions for communities at risk in our aquifer in central Mexico and leverage those solutions for others facing similar water challenges around the world.

The Caminos team is comprised of full-time and part-time staff, as well as graduate interns, directors, and outside consultants. We are a mix of Mexican and international residents, technicians, engineers, community promoters, researchers, and educators, united by our dedication to public health and wellness.

They work in collaboration with local communities, leading research institutions, and various agents in order to innovate and apply socio-technological water solutions for adequate access to safe and healthy water sources.

We also act as a “school of…” for aspiring engineers, scientists, fellows, and other young socially responsible professionals seeking to have a social and environmental impact on their work. Our water crisis increasingly affects all of us, even in urban centers, and this is a great opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of our two main water problems: scarcity and pollution.

This talk is open to the general public thanks to the support of the Jewish Community Center. All who are interested in learning more about these topics are cordially invited to join them.

The talk will take place through Zoom on October 14 at 4 pm. 

Please register for this event by sending an email to 

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