Queretaro pug fans ready to celebrate PUGWEEN


Pug and Halloween fans, come out!

PugWeen y su 4to Encuentro PugManíaco, 17 October | Event in San Miguel De Allende | AllEvents.in

Everything is ready for the pugween in Querétaro Come with your family this October 17 to the 4th mega terrifying walk in Pugmania and participate in the costume contests that the organizers have prepared for you

May be an image of 12 people, people standing and outdoors

The meeting point will be at 5:00 p.m. in Jardín Guerrero, at 5:15 p.m. the group photo will be taken and at 5:30 p.m. the walk will begin.

In addition, there will be a costume contest for Halloween or PugWeen, which will begin around 6:20 p.m., once the walk and photo sessions are over.

May be an image of 14 people, people standing and outdoors

Categories PugWeen

  • Terrifying duo: owner and Pug in disguise
  • Skulls and pugcitos: the most adorable and / or terrifying puppy
  • The creepiest Pug of the night: the most terrifyingly original costume
  • Pugheroe: Best Super Hero Costume

The event is organized by PugManía Of  , an organization dedicated to the care of the pug breed, as well as promoting adoptions and sterilizations, events and family life in the company of the host.

10 curiosities you should know if you like Pug dogs

On International Pug Day we share some curiosities of one of the oldest dog breeds in the world …

Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world because their flat face and cute eyes make them unmistakable.

These little mounds have marked the history of emperors and princes, and they are so loyal that they even have their own International Pug Day, which is celebrated every October 15

Pug dogs are capable of melting anyone with tenderness, however, if you want to have one you must take into account that this breed requires more care and responsibility than any other.

This is one of the breeds called brachycephalic, which means they have a rounded head, with a very short snout and protruding eyes. Because their nose is very short, they often have difficulty breathing.

Being brachycephalic, they cannot bear the heat, and their windpipe is narrower than that of other breeds. Its tail has a very special characteristic, as it has a spiral shape because the vertebrae in this portion of the spine are hemivertebrae (disorder due to failure in vertebral development).

To celebrate International Pug Day, we bring you 10 facts about these dogs that will make you adore them even more… Look!

1. Very old

They are considered a very ancient breed dating back about 2,000 years. They are originally from China and the emperors were fans of flat-nosed dogs, so they bred them as companion dogs. 

2. Eyes and breathing

Their eyes often cause problems, as they commonly have corneal ulcers and dry eye. Like other flat-faced breeds, pugs experience respiratory problems, especially in hot and humid environments. 

3. Exercise

These little dogs need daily walks to stay healthy, and although they like to burn energy, they need to exercise in a controlled manner because they are easily exhausted. 

4. Colds

Pugs are prone to colds due to their small noses, so if you plan to have one, keep in mind that it must be indoors. 

5. Swimming dogs?

Because they have short legs, small noses, and trouble breathing, pugs are not good swimmers, so don’t try to get him into a pool, because you will only make him suffer.

6. Fur

Pugs have a short and very smooth coat, so they do not have to bathe very often, just brush them. However, you should clean the wrinkles on your face well to prevent bacteria from forming. 

7. Sleepers

There are dogs that are very hyperactive, but that is not the case with pugs. These dogs sleep about 14 hours a day, so they spend more than half their lives asleep.

8. They love humans

These dogs love human company, so be careful not to leave them alone for too long. Do activities with him so he doesn’t feel alone. 

9. Spies

It is said that Josefina, Napoleon’s wife, used her pug named “Fortune” to carry secret messages to her husband, while she was a prisoner in Les Carmes. 

10. Heroes

After a pug dog saved the life of a crown prince, this breed became the official of the House of Orange in Holland.

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