Red Bull Racing Honda will hit the streets of Mexico City on the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix


Red Bull Racing Honda will hit the streets of Mexico City in a Show Run through the city with Sergio “Checo” Perez at the wheel of the RB7.

The iconic location Paseo de la Reforma Avenue will host the event, which will help celebrate the return of the Mexican Grand Prix for 2021.

It has been six years since Red Bull Racing’s Show Run took the city by storm, doing donuts in the famous downtown main square, Zócalo and now National star Checo will have the chance to take the RB7 around the streets of the capital.

Hitting The Streets Of Mexico City
Hitting The Streets Of Mexico City© Getty Images

Checo said: “Being able to deliver a Red Bull Racing Honda Show Run experience to the people of Mexico will be a special moment for me. I have missed my home country incredibly over the past couple of years, with the pandemic limiting my travel, so coming back to race in Mexico City was exciting enough for me, now leading a Red Bull Racing Honda Showrun has me smiling from ear to ear.

Getting to drive this car in one of the City’s most iconic locations will be a unique and special experience for me, and one I and Red Bull fans all over the globe will remember for a lifetime.”The event will kick off the Grand Prix weekend on November 3 and will be free to the public, thanks to the support of the main Mexican sponsors of the Scuderia: Telcel, Infinitum, Claro, Kavak and Interprotección.

More details, including the schedule, circuit and special guests will be announced soon through Red Bull Racing Honda and Red Bull Mexico’s official channels. Meanwhile, spend some time remembering the great moments of the Red Bull Show Run in 2015, which brought together nearly 150,000 people in the Zócalo of Mexico City to celebrate the return of Formula One to the country.Relive the 2015 Red Bull Show Run:

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