Designboom features apartment building’s ribbed facade in Guadalajara


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Em-estudio completes an apartment building in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, dubbed ‘RD 1766.’ defined by its folding footprint and dynamic facade, the project seeks to optimize the use of the land by generating a volume that adapts to its irregular shape.

The residential project has a base that rises half a level above the street, containing the parking in a semi-basement, and it is aligned with the surrounding buildings. the exterior facades of the building volume are projected over the ‘stone’ base and respond, through solids and transparencies, to the uses in the interior of the spaces. from a composition of solid volumes and concrete ‘ribs’ that frame the windows, giving privacy and protecting from the solar incidence, double-height spaces and terraces are generated.

em-estudio RD 1766images by lorena darquea schettini | @loredarquea

Spacious dwellings by em-estudio

em-estudio organizes its RD 1766 with sixteen apartment units, each distributed across one, two, or three levels. recognizing the necessity for outdoor space, the architects fit each unit with exterior space in the form of a patio, a terrace, or a roof garden.

toward the center of the building is a triple-height opening that frames the entrance, leading toward an interior patio which hosts the vertical circulation space. five apartments have access from this courtyard on the first level and five apartments have access from the fifth level, which generates a lobby up to five levels high, crossed by bridges that connect with the six apartments that are distributed in the four intermediate levels, creating a spacious space, with privacy and that allows the flow of air and light.

em-estudio RD 1766

Views across Guadalajara

all of the apartments of em-studio’s RD 1766 are accessed through the social area, which is an open space hosting a living room, dining room, and kitchen. in the duplex apartments, from the social area, you go up or down to the rooms, depending on the level at which they are. all the apartments located on the fifth floor have a staircase that leads to a roof garden that offers views across Guadalajara.

em-estudio RD 1766 the facade is defined by a composition of solid volume and concrete ribs

em-estudio shades its 'RD 1766' apartments in guadalajara with a ribbed facade toward the center of the building is a triple-height opening that frames the entrance em-estudio’s roof garden offers views across Guadalajara.

Source: designboom