Where to live in Mazatlan, take an aerial view tour


By Javier Pardo

Mazatlán is the city that truly has it all.

No matter if you are a history buff who loves architecture and cobblestone streets, or if you are a beach bum who favors a condo tower with a gym and pool, Mazatlán will have the ideal area for you to live in.

No matter what your criteria looks like, Mazatlán has a neighborhood that will fit perfectly into your individual wants and needs. There is no ‘BEST’ area of town per say, because expats are very split on the idea of what they consider the best area of town. The debates will go on forever. People are either Centro lifers or swear on other areas like the Golden Zone or Cerritos.

While Mazatlán is a huge city, most of the expats will live in these 3 areas, almost exclusively within 1km of the coast. While of course some families or expats might live in the interior of the city, the vast majority do not. 

Centro is without a doubt the most charming and eye-catching area of Mazatlán.

This is the neighborhood where it all began, with some of the buildings being over 500 years old! Most of the gorgeous buildings you’ll see today all painted in pastels are from the 1800s and bring with them lots of Spanish, French, British and German influence.

Living down in the central core of town will give off a certain European vibe that is really hard to compete with.

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