Hundreds of women took to the streets to demand the decriminalization of abortion in the State of Mexico


TOLUCA, Edomex. (September 29, 2021) .- Hundreds of Mexican women took to the streets again, this Tuesday, to demand the decriminalization of abortion in the state.

In their wake, the groups vandalized the rectory building of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), where they broke glass and caused damage, as well as in convenience stores and the gates of the legislative headquarters, where they threw jets of pressurized water from the top of the building.

There, with tools, levers and shovel handles, they managed to break the metal mesh placed to protect the building.

With a hammer, they opened holes in the network, to then completely knock down the reinforcement posts and reach the wooden gates, where they painted slogans in favor of abortion and against the deputies and Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza, whom they blame for criminalizing women who decide not to be mothers, either due to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, or the result of an unreported rape.

They also took out “slits” from the legislative gates and with them they improvised a “batucada” with jugs of water, which lasted a couple of hours.

The protesters put up posters demanding justice for some women victims of femicide, such as Victoria and Andrea.

Before that, they made a stop at the cathedral and confronted members of Provida, who, guarded by contingents of police, repelled them with prayers (mostly our fathers, hail maries), religious songs, jets of holy water, and crosses thrown into the air “to exorcise” pro-abortion women.

“Abortion yes, abortion no, that’s for me to decide,” was the response to Provida from a crowd of young people, mostly dressed in black, their faces covered and with scarves wrapping their fists high.

After resisting the police stationed in the cathedral, a young woman went up to the monument of “Miguel Hidalgo”, located in the Plaza de los Mártires, to tie a green scarf on the arm that holds the libertarian banner.

Source: Proceso

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