3 armed robberies in 3 months at the La Mision tourist Parador in Ensenada BC


Robberies with violence continue at the La Misión tourist hostel on the federal highway, and the most recent incident occurred on Monday, September 28, and was added to the three previous ones perpetrated by armed individuals.

The new robbery occurred around 02:49 hours yesterday in the rest area of ​​kilometer 69 of the federal highway, under the pedestrian bridge on the beach, in Ensenada.

The Municipal Police classified this theft as violent and registered that the victims were stripped of their belongings, as well as a recent model pick-up truck.

Those affected by the robbery told the corporation that moments before at least three strangers arrived in two cars, one of them a white pick-up and the second old-model Volkswagen Jetta.

These subjects, they detailed, carried metal artifacts with characteristics similar to pistol-type firearms, with which they were threatened while demanding their valuables, as well as the keys to the vehicle in which they arrived at the tourist inn.

The victims surrendered their personal belongings, as well as the keys to a recent model Ford F150 pickup truck, immediately one of the thieves fled the scene on the stolen vehicle, followed by the rest of the unknown persons in other cars.

Three other robberies with violence have taken place in this area of Ensenada between the months of July to September of this year and the victims agree that they were committed by armed individuals.

The previous one was took place around 06:20 hours on Thursday, September 23, the victim indicated that an unknown person threatened him with a weapon while stripping him of his belongings.

Source: El Vigia

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