PAN party wants to eliminate military service in Mexico


And they propose increasing the minimum age for voluntary recruitment to 18 years.

On behalf of the parliamentary group of the National Action Party (PAN), the deputy María de los Ángeles Gutiérrez Valdez proposed to completely eliminate the service military in Mexico and punish with imprisonment those who recruit minors.

The initiative that would reform the Code of Military Justice, the Military Service Law, the Federal Criminal Code, and the General Law on the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents, states that worldwide millions of children have been recruited to train in self-defense techniques. An example of this, he states, is the community police of the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities and Founding Peoples, in the state of Guerrero, “who did it in reaction to the murder of ten people from the community who had been hired to help in a concert.

The proposal calls for “ending the practice of conscription early into military service for 16- and 17-year-old boys, and raising the minimum age for voluntary conscription to 18 years ”.

Likewise, it requests the explicit criminalization of the recruitment and participation of girls and boys in hostilities, including by non-state armed groups, and includes a definition of direct participation in hostilities.

It establishes that a person who enlists, recruits, or forces persons under eighteen years of age to participate directly or indirectly in hostilities or in armed actions will be considered a criminal; “For such a crime, nine to eighteen years in prison and one thousand to two thousand five hundred days of fine shall be imposed.”

The initiative was published this Tuesday in the parliamentary gazette of the Chamber of Deputies.


Mexico Daily Post