Mexico City (CDMX) woke up protected by metal fences due to feminist marches


The center of CDMX woke up sheltered by the marches planned for this Tuesday towards the capital’s Zócalo. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

Zócalo blindado por la marcha feminista que se realizará esta tarde

This September 28, the center of Mexico City (CDMX) woke up protected by metal fences before the call of feminist groups to a march towards the capital’s Zócalo for the global day of action for access to legal, safe and free abortion.

Since the early hours of this Tuesday, Paseo de la Reforma, Avenida Juárez, Eje Central, and Calle 5 de Mayo were secured in order to avoid vandalism during the marches in which participants are expected to arrive through these roads in the concentration of this day.

  • The Hemiciclo a Juárez, the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Post Office building, among others, have been protected with wooden pallets to prevent them from being vandalized.
Blindan el Centro Histórico de la CDMX por marcha feminista

It is expected that the two meeting points for the demonstrators of these marches will be, one at 1:00 p.m. that would leave the Monument to the Revolution towards the capital’s Zócalo and another at 4:00 p.m. from the Monument to the Mother and towards the plate of the Plaza de la Constitución as well .

As is already known, the protesters have requested only the presence of women, those who physically attend the marches towards the Zócalo of the CDMX, they have also invited a “virtual handkerchief” on social networks under the hashtags # 28S #AbortoLegal and # PañuelazoVirtual.

Only local transit is allowed

In addition to the marches to the Zócalo in CDMX, other states that have also been summoned are the State of Mexico, Hidalgo, and Puebla.

The authorities of the Mexican capital ask that the central area of ​​CDMX be avoided due to the social concentrations that are expected for this Tuesday, September 28.

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