Biden says Mexico is his ‘closest friend’; in February he said it was Canada


On February 23 of this year, during a virtual summit with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Joe Biden commented that “the United States does not have a friend more important and closer than Canada.”

The United States has no closer friend than Canada

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, sent an affectionate video message on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Consummation of the Independence of Mexico in which he congratulated the national people and assured that “the US has no closer friend” than our country.

EU no tiene un amigo más cercano: Biden celebró el Bicentenario de la  Independencia de México | ABC Noticias

During the event on the plate of the Zócalo in Mexico City, Biden sent congratulations to Mexico for consummating its independence and achieving its freedom after 11 years of struggle, when priest Miguel Hidalgo gave the Grito de Dolores.

“The United States has no closer friend than Mexico, and I look forward to all that our two nations will accomplish together in the years to come,” Biden said from the White House in Washington DC

“On behalf of the people of the United States, I am proud to send our best wishes to all the people of Mexico as they celebrate their victory in achieving their independence 200 years ago,” said Biden.

The US president recalled that both nations have a strong bond that has united him during this time and is committed to strengthening and expanding the relationship between both nations.

Joe Biden

Likewise, Biden assured that at the beginning of the month they launched the Mexico-United States High-Level Economic Dialogue that promotes cooperation and will help the economic recovery of both nations.


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