Mexico Transparency Platform has just been “hacked”


The INAI reported through its Twitter account that the National Transparency Platform, which serves to present requests for transparency to any government body, has intermittences due to an ” attack or hack of the type of exploitation of cryptocurrencies “, an attack that serves for mining.

What is cryptojacking

The crypto-jacking works on computers, mobile devices, and even servers, such as this seem to be the case. A software malware is used to steal the processing capacity of the equipment is the victim of the attack and those resources intended for mining of crypto currency, as explained from Malwarebytes and Kaspersky.

In crypto-jacking there is no violation of personal data. However, the case reported by the INAI is important because it is the first case of large-scale crypto-jacking reported by a federal instance in Mexico.

The type of attack is not new. In 2019, Microsoft removed eight apps from its store that used resources on the computer where they were installed to perform mining. Since equipment resources are occupied in mining, it is common for the performance of the affected equipment to be affected and even to have to overheat.

INAI assures that its technology team is already working to stop the attack and stabilize the platform, although it does not give more details in its statement.

Source: Forbes Mexico

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