7.3 tons of stone material arrive at Progreso, Yucatan


Progreso, Yucatan — The Integral Port Administration of Progreso says it has received the first shipment of ballast cargo, which will be used for the Maya Train project.

The stone, which arrived by Marina Oceanic at pier 4 of the API with 7,320 tons of material, will be destined for Section 3 of the train project. The material arrived from Veracruz and took two days to unload.

It will now travel to its Section 3 destination. That particular section will cover 172 kilometers from Calkiní, Campeche to Izamal, Yucatan and is under the tender of the company Azvindi.

Ballast is a volcanic basalt stone that is very hard. Its shape is 30 to 60 centimeters in cubic dimension and will serve as some kind of mattress to cushion the passage of the train. 

Due to its specific characteristics, this mineral is produced in the municipality of Actopan, Veracruz, under the required quality standards.

Source: Yucatan Ahora

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