Road Trip Through Mexico’s Campeche State


Of the three states that make up the Yucatán Peninsula, Campeche is both the largest and the least visited. It is home to one of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities, exceptional food, and endless swaths of inland tropical forest studded with Mayan ruins.

Good roads and a well-earned reputation for safety make it one of the best states in the country for a road trip, with ample opportunities for detours and pit stops at ancient temples half-consumed by the jungle.

Maya City of Edzna, Campeche (Photo: Facebook)

Day 1

Any visit to Campeche should begin with a stay at Hacienda Puerta Campeche, a Luxury Collection Hotel, in the 481-year-old capital city that gives the state its name.

Day 2

Start early, driving southeast from the capital to the archaeological site of Edzna, where iguanas skitter across grassy plazas framed by meticulously restored pyramids.

Day 3

Wake before dawn to the sound of howler monkeys and drive 90 minutes south through virgin forest to Calakmul, once a rival to Tikal in Guatemala and among the mightiest cities of the classical Mayan world.

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