Mexico will release 681 prisoners today, Wednesday, September 15th


Adán Augusto López, Secretary of the Interior (Segob), pointed out this Tuesday, September 14th, that there are a total of 681 prisoners in the pre-release proposal for September 15th.

“We carry out the negotiations with the competent judges, the Supreme Court, the Attorney General’s Office, with the purpose of expediting the procedures in pre-release, modification of precautionary measures, and compliance with a series of requirements established in the law ” Lopez Hernandez declared.

“It is just the beginning of a process whose progress we will see every month. Yesterday the guidelines for the integration and operation of the permanent committee that will be in charge of following up on the actions of the applications were published, ” the Minister of the Interior continued.

Among those released are people tortured, without sentence, or suffering from a chronic degenerative disease.

López Hernández also stressed that there are 4,233 files of people sentenced or in preventive detention, people who are under analysis at the federal level.

“In this way, we can say that, at the moment, there are 4,233 files of people sentenced or in preventive detention that were subject in the federal sphere, these files were delivered to the competent judges, to the Federal Judicial Council, to the Institute of Public Defender and the FGR ”, Lopez Hernandez added.

Adán Augusto López Hernández

The Secretary of the Interior affirmed that in July of this year the prison population in the country was 220,886 people, of which 16,464 are located in federal centers, 7.4% of the total, the rest are located in local prisons and are subject to process and serving a sentence for crimes of the common jurisdiction. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained that this is the beginning of the pre-release of prisoners “it is the beginning, there are 600 to begin and there are more than four thousand files under review ”.

For his part, Adán Augusto López said that Israel Vallarta is not included in the first group of pre-released prisoners.

The official reported that Vallarta will not be able to benefit because it has a second process in which it has not been proven that he has suffered torture, according to the Istanbul Protocol.

“Torture or violation of the Istanbul Protocol has not been credited, therefore, he cannot be a beneficiary of the presidential decree,” Adan Lopez Hernandez pointed out.

Vallarta is the alleged leader of the Los Zodiaco gang of kidnappers, he is imprisoned in the federal prison of El Altiplano and his lawyers demanded his freedom since they claim that he was a victim of torture when he was arrested in December 2005.

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