Profeco goes after against BP, Vips, Viva Aerobus, and Sony for misleading advertising


Profeco warned about misleading advertising in promotions of BP, Vips, Viva Aerobus and Sony; called consumers to report them.

Ricardo Sheffield, head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), called on the population to promote collective actions against British Petroleum (BP), Vips, Viva Aerobus and even Sony for presenting misleading advertising in various promotions.

For example, Profeco stated that BP assures in its gas stations that a full tank with its fuel yields up to 42 kilometers more than with any other company, despite the fact that there is no study that certifies this assertion.

“We started a procedure against British Petroleum for misleading advertising. Already with our laboratories and in coordination with the Customs Laboratory we have been determining that this assertion cannot be made, but it is not the only misleading publicity that we had legally counterattacking this weekend, “said Sheffield in the morning presidential conference this weekend. Monday.

Another case, continued the head of Profeco, has to do with the Vips restaurant chain that offers chiles en nogada for 35 pesos, when its average price is 200 pesos; however, the advertised cost is related to the beers once the dish is purchased.

Profeco | Profeco multa a Vips, Viva Aerobus, BP y Sony por publicidad  engañosa - Vips

“There is Vips who seems to sell us a stuffed chili for 35 pesos when the chelas are worth 35 pesos and you buy the chili and you don’t even know how the chili is going to give it to you, that is misleading advertising,” he said.

Profeco also warned about the advertising of the airline Viva Aerobus, which promotes flights at 39 pesos, but fails to inform the consumer that the Airport Use Fee (TUA) has to be added to this price.

“Viva Aerobus (he says) that you go back anywhere for 39 pesos, well for 39 pesos or on the Suburban (Train); however, with the very small handwriting, which cannot be seen, it says ‘more TUA’ ”, he commented.

Finally, Ricardo Sheffield called on consumers to act against Sony, since in a promotional event he announced the sale of a sound equipment at a very low price, but with small letters indicated that it was only for the first 10 people who acquired the device. product.

“We ask you to call 5555 688722, the Consumer Phone, to join a class action against Sony that did not want to continue to respect that discount despite continuing to maintain advertising,” said the official.


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