Playa del Carmen coffee shop that makes mocktails with CBD and anti-aging “concoctions”


In the heart of Playa del Carmen, the occult is present in a creative and fun way in a cafeteria where they prepare coffee and mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) with CBD.

Magic and potions to remove sadness or even to achieve eternal youth, are prepared in Logia Café, a different space where the occult is reflected both in the elements that decorate its walls, as in some names of the drinks and perhaps even the effect they cause.

café mocktails

The menu, says Omar Dorantes, creator of the concept, is like a witchcraft book, with coffee potions used according to the benefit that the client needs for their day. All are made with two types of a traditional grain of Oaxacan origin; one normal and one decaf.

Coffee and mocktails, the perfect combination for your day

In this place, you can find a Cirse, prepared with espresso, Nutella, milk, caramel, and a magnum popsicle that you can pop into your drink. Or the Nomo, it has mocha, Nutella, peanuts and cereal mix; both are ideal when your day has not gone very well and you want a sugar fix that makes you feel happy.

café mocktails

In addition to its ingredients, the presentation and the striking colors will also inject you with a touch of happiness and more if you choose a drink that does not make you feel guilty for drinking too much sugar, such as Urtemisa, with matcha, berries, milk, CBD and roses, a combination that will relax you.

For those who still do not know how to achieve eternal youth, here is the magic spell: it is Rosicrucian, a drink with edible rose powders that are responsible for repairing the aging of some skin cells, beet powder, masala chai, date sugar and oat milk, prepared entirely in Lodge.

Milk coffee

An unusual coffee bar

“There are people who already know us and know about the concept. We have repetitive clients, whom we already know and, sometimes, from the moment they enter, we know if they are sad, if they just go to work and want something that activates them or, simply, they want to fall asleep, even so we always seek to know how they feel. to know what to offer them, ”says Omar, while preparing his own potion.

Beyond being a coffee shop, he describes it as a coffee bar where mocktails are prepared to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink at any time of the day. Although at night it is when there is the greatest influx of people and this he attributes to the fact that in the Caribbean you live at night.

café mocktails

The concept arises because both Omar and his wife Alejandra Entrambasaguas share a love for coffee, but also their belief in the occult, karma and positive energies, as well as being influenced by their travels to other countries.

From Japan, for example, they brought the idea of savory and sweet crofffles that are on their food menu. In Germany, they found the use of CBD medicinally in drinks. When they visited  Berlin, they were inspired in part by the street art, characteristic of the city, as well as the stickers pasted on their utensils and walls.

Lucky days

cereal milk coffee

Magic leads to days when good things happen. That is why both Omar and Alejandra chose the 13th and 31st of each month as their lucky days. According to Omar, this was because on December 31, 2020, the opening took place and on January 13, everything they needed to fully start the business was ready.

Since then, as a way of sharing her taste for the occult and her gratitude to her clients, every 13th and 31st of each month a tarot reader is invited to the Lodge for a brief reading of letters to those who register through social networks. .

Coffee Shop

Calle 10 between 15 and 20, Playa del Carmen Centro.

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