Location for Merida new multi-purpose stadium confirmed (video)


For almost a year made the announcement with great fanfare, it appears that Tuesday will be realized the second part of the so-called “dream Yucatecan”: the headquarters will be presented Sustainable Yucatán Stadium.

With the presidents of the main professional leagues in the country, Governor Mauiricio Vila Dosal will present the headquarters where the Yucatán Sustainable Stadium will be located, the work whose first details were released on September 9, 2020.

Where will the Yucatán Sustainable Stadium be located?

According to the details discussed this Monday, the modern stage will be located where the Normal School “Rodolfo Menéndez de la Peña” was until months ago, in the north of Mérida, in front of the Gallerias and Harbor the malls.

Mikel Arriola, who chairs the MX Soccer League, and Horacio de la Vega, the main leader of professional summer baseball, will lead the meeting at the International Congress Center, the stage where last year Vila Dosal unveiled the construction of the stage.

He gave just one year to start the construction work. Many places were shuffled as possible headquarters: a piece of land at the exit to Cancún (near the Teya farm) and other possible scenarios that were mentioned were areas of Umán and Kinchil, including the site where the “Malecón Pensiones” is located.

The idea of ​​this space arose so that both Venados FC, who currently play in the Expansión League, and the Leones of Yucatán, aspiring to the throne of baseball, play at the headquarters.

How much will the Yucatán Sustainable Stadium cost?

José Antonio Téllez, operational director of the company Game of Ball Inc., said in the presentation of the project that it would have an investment of 2 billion pesos, generating 4,000 jobs in its construction and 1,000 in its operation.

According to the plans, it will be a stadium where both baseball and soccer can be practiced, as well as other sports disciplines as it is removable. It can also host important concerts and cultural shows.

It will be the first of its kind in Mexico certified for its respect for the environment and will be accessible to all people.

What is a sustainable stadium?

What is a sustainable stadium?

Firstly, the concept of a “sustainable stadium” should be defined, highlighting the fact that the world of sports has been the first to take a step forward for this type of construction that aims to be friendly to the environment.

According to the definition of sustainable, it is understood as any project that “generates economic growth and equitable wealth for all without damaging the environment

Concept image of the Sustainable Yucatan Stadium. Photo via Twitter

In other words, a sustainable project is one that “guarantees the economic and social development of a community, without compromising the reserves of future generations in environmental matters”, according to the sustainability.com site .

Some stadiums presented around the world with this concept, most designed for football matches, are illuminated by LED lights, some of which are powered by solar panels. In addition, they have rainwater collectors, with which the lawns in the fields are watered, in order to recycle water.

Among other benefits, there are those that have an air conditioning and heating system with automatic monitors, which prevent electrical energy from being wasted.

What will the Yucatán Sustainable Stadium be like?

In the case of Yucatán, during the presentation of the project -last year- areas of the playing field were advanced and the seating area is movable depending on the sport to be practiced, making it convertible; something that –as it was said then- has not been presented in any other part of the country.

Can you imagine a game of the Yucatan Deer at 3:00 p.m. and a meeting of the Yucatan Leones at 7:00 p.m.? The project would raise the possibility that the Yucatecan fans do not have to divide themselves between these great sports and enjoy both shows, on the same day and in the same space.

Although in October 2020 it was denied that the land of the former Normal was ideal for the project, due to the surface; it seems that he finally changed his mind. In social networks a wave of criticism was generated for a new project in the North of Mérida; considering that there a bottleneck is generated that will make the project stop being sustainable.

In this regard, our collaborator Gaspar Silveira Malaver anticipates that despite the fact that the space will have 1,600 parking spaces, at a press conference – in which he was present – it was revealed that there are around nine thousand more spaces in the squares, which would also mean an economic boost to the premises that adjoin the macro-project.

Although it is not confirmed, it is possible that, as happened with the transportation to the GNP Seguro s Forum, located on the Progreso highway, a transportation service will be provided to citizens to bring attendees from a certain point to the Stadium. In addition, the place will have pedestrian access, bicycle and public transport.

The Sustainable Yucatan Stadium, with a private investment in charge of the corporation Game of Ball Inc., based in New York would also have:

  • 300 rooms overlooking the countryside.
  • shopping plaza .
  • Restaurants, offices and more.

This supposes a large investment also for tourism and the economy, being a concept, unique for the moment in Latin America; since Argentina presented this year a sustainable stadium in San Lorenzo, but it will be a space for football.

When will the Yucatán Sustainable Stadium be inaugurated?

The one in Mérida would host from meetings of the Major League Baseball (a dream raised by Governor Mauricio Vila) to concerts or cultural meetings.

With an investment of 2 billion pesos and waiting for permits to start construction, the Sustainable Yucatan Stadium could materialize in a period of two years, in which it would have generated four thousand jobs in the workforce and more of a thousand in the maintenance of it.

Source: yucatan.com.mx, infobae.com

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