Mazatlán, almost completely isolated! “Nora” blocks entrances and exits by sea, land, and air


The airport and the port are still without operations and both highways to Culiacán, the free and the toll road, register traffic cuts

Internautas difundieron videos de los estragos que provocó el huracán 'Nora' en Mazatlán, donde se han registrado diversas inundaciones en las últimas 24 horas (CAPTURA)

The city of Mazatlán is almost completely cut off due to the effects and remnants of “Nora”, which first impacted as a hurricane and later degraded to a tropical storm .

The “Rafael Buelna Tenorio” international airport has been closed since Sunday afternoon and a few minutes ago it was reported that the suspension of activities will continue at least until noon this Monday.

Meanwhile, the port is closed to navigation since Sunday morning.

Regarding the highways, the Center of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation in Sinaloa reported that both the “Benito Juárez” highway and the free highway towards Culiacán are blocked because the water level has risen above the asphalt layer. .

“At various points the water jumps over the road, we do not let small or large vehicles pass, we do not know what may be below, that is why they are completely closed. In the free season there are floods at the height of El Quelite, and in the toll, there are various points at the height of La Cruz de Elota ”, he explained.

Landslides on the Durango-Mazatlán highway by “Nora”

The presence of a rock that obstructed the road on the Mazatlán-Durango highway was also reported.

This Monday morning there are still considerable rains in the port of Sinaloa.


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