INM detained foreign students in Chiapas finally released


Cultural collective indicates that a Canadian and an Ecuadorian were detained at a checkpoint when they were touring in Tuxtla Chico

The Tapachula Cultural Station denounced the arbitrary detention of two foreign students at the hands of the National Migration Institute (INM), which keeps them locked up in the Siglo XXI Station.

As reported by this cultural group in the town, the two students would have arrived in the region for cultural activities but were detained at a checkpoint when they were tourists in Tuxtla Chico.

“The two foreigners, a Canadian woman and an Ecuadorian, legally entered Mexico through the Tapachula Airport, but have been detained.

They are Florence Marie Michelle, a native of Montreal; and Cristian Coronel, from the city of Cuenca, both imprisoned illegally by INM officials because they showed all their identification and paperwork confirming legal entry to remain in the country.

The two young people remain detained inside this INM building, located to the north of the town, without knowing if they have been able to have contact with consular authorities of their countries in Mexico and were incommunicado.

The two young people traveled together to Tapachula for tasks of a cultural nature and the members of the Cultural Station ask that they be released since if they had incurred any immigration or legal offense, they would not have been able to board the flight in Mexico City.

So far, Migration in Mexico has kept total secrecy around the arrest of the two young students, who were taken off a collectivo at the checkpoint on the Tuxtla Chico – Talismán route, where the National Guard also operates.

INM finally frees foreign students

Migration still does not explain why it took them insured to the Siglo XXI Station in Tapachula.

The Tapachula Cultural Station confirmed that the two foreign students were released by the National Migration Institute (INM), after being locked up in the Siglo XXI Station north of the town for a few hours.

The members of this cultural group indicated that the two young people are doing well in terms of their physical and emotional integrity

“They were released a few hours after being detained by agents of the National Institute of Migration, she and he are well and for now they will continue in their visit of a cultural nature,” said the Cultural Station.

The incident did not require the intervention of the consular authorities of both countries in Mexico, while the INM continues to reserve the cause of why it arrested these two young students during their journey across the southern border.

Out of respect for their privacy, the young people, for now, are afraid to comment about the incident of which they were victims by federal authorities in Chiapas.


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