Campeche: a beautiful colonial city by the sea


The city of Campeche, located in front of the Gulf of Mexico, is a colonial beauty that was a port of entry for buccaneers and pirates, which gave rise to a walled city with forts and bastions. Here you will enjoy spectacular beaches and islands, nature reserves, archaeology, and its exquisite gastronomy.

Since its inception, this colonial jewel has spun its history around pirates, who made this community the walled city of southeastern Mexico.

The great wealth of its port attracted pirates from all over the world, including the most famous characters of the Caribbean coasts, whose legends you can meet in some of the most incredible forts of Mexico. Exploring and walking through the fortifications and bastions are among Campeche’s most popular activities and a must-do.

The San Jose Fort – Archaeological Museum of Campeche, San Miguel Fort – Mayan Archaeology Museum, De la Soledad Bastion – Mayan Architecture, The Camino Real Museum, and The Palace Cultural Center.

Walking the colorful streets will be one of your favorite activities to do in Campeche. Taking a walk through the cobbled and colorful streets is a must-do in this Magical Town, also known as San Francisco de Campeche, which will connect you with its history.

Get to know the cathedral, the portals in Independence Square, the old customs buildings, the shipyard, and other historical landmarks, framed by this walled city. Do not miss the sunsets on the boardwalk, a real show to end the day. If you love ecotourism, in the surroundings, you will find the Hidden Woman Caves and the Biosphere of the Petenes, part of the activities to do in Campeche to enjoy nature.


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