New Xcaret Marina will have a negative ecological impact on coral reefs


The construction of the new Grupo Xcaret Marina in the Riviera Maya have begun, even though the project remains under analysis by Semarnat, due to its proximity to coral reefs.

QUINTANA ROO, (August 25, 2021).- Melina Soto, Coordinator in Mexico of Healthy Reefs (Arrecifes Saludables), warned about the dredging carried out by Grupo Xcaret to build its Marina since the sediments would affect the reefs and especially the corals where scientists continue to work to reverse the white syndrome disease in the Riviera Maya.

Although she admitted that he is unaware of the project in general, she did make it clear that the main threat with this type of works is suffocating the corals.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) approved in August 2019 the project called Sol de Selva, but derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, work began until recently, which has already triggered reactions.

The project includes the construction of breakwater dikes with two arms, with a length of 65 meters for the first arm and 190 meters for the second, made up of a core layer of rocks, a layer of prefabricated smooth cubes, and the third layer of grooved blocks, which will reach the project level.

The breakwaters will be oriented from South to Southwest and will occupy an area of ​​5,843.09 square meters.

In addition, the construction of a perimeter retaining wall, made of reinforced concrete, cemented with continuous footings of 640 meters in length; the first with a solid rock base, the second with a consolidated fill and the third with a sloping section, likewise, will have a tourist walkway at the crown of the breakwaters, in an area of ​​923.63 m2.

For dredging, the construction of a basin at the level of -3 NBM (Middle Low Tide Level) is contemplated, to connect it with the external waters of the sea, with a dredging volume of 67 thousand 652.23 m3, in a surface area of ​​18 thousand 910.59 m2; and floating docks: berthing system, in the form of a comb, for 15 boats, of maximum 4 meters in length, with two concrete stairs for entry, bollards, and fenders, which will be located perimeter, with a floating area.

In this sense, the specialist trusted that they will have people during the work, who will be checking “that it has a sediment barrier.

Source: Por Esto

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