They tried to sell “trips”, but with peyote reinforced with marijuana; I was going from Mazatlán to CDMX


Thanks to an operation mounted by the National Guard in a courier and parcel company, it was possible to stop this shipment of drugs that were intended to be sent to Mexico City from the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Sinaloa. – A major blow was struck by the National Guard when they detected and secured a shipment of peyote reinforced with marijuana, which was intended to be sent from Mazatlán to Mexico City through a courier and parcel company.

Alerta sobre producto a base de mariguana y peyote

Through a statement, the security agency reported that a total of 33 bottles containing peyote gel reinforced with apparent marijuana were seized in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, because said substance has a health alert by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks ( COFEPRIS )

It was at a courier and parcel company located on the International Highway at kilometer 273 + 300, where staff from the institution located a cardboard box containing the containers with the legend “peyote gel reinforced with marijuana.”

Each bottle with the creamy substance had an approximate weight of 300 grams, so between all the bottles it yielded a weight of about 9 kilos 900 grams. The recipients were destined for a domicile in Mexico City.

By not having the documentation to protect the legal acquisition and transfer, everything was secured and made available to COFEPRIS authorities in Mazatlán, to continue with the investigations.

These items were called as support for the cure of muscular discomforts, but due to the alert that exists, the National Guard personnel seized it and prevented it from being transferred.


The Mazatlan Post