10 hotels in Jalisco closing due to pandemic


The main reasons for closure were the uncertainty in the drop in income and the lack of funds and liquidity, reveals the survey carried out by the IIEG

The health contingency due to COVID-19 caused the definitive closure of at least ten hotels during the last year in Jalisco, according to data from the Survey of Economic Expectations of the Hotel Industry in the State, where it was highlighted that hoteliers consider that it could take one to two years to recover the income they had before the pandemic.

The survey carried out by the State Institute of Statistical and Geographical Information (IIEG) indicates that the main reasons for closure were the uncertainty in the drop in income and the lack of funds and liquidity.

Of the hotels that definitively stopped operating, two were in Cihuatlán, two in Atotonilco el Alto and with one establishment closed are Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Puerto Vallarta, Arandas, Atenguillo and Cañadas de Obregón. The hotels that closed were mainly small; six had fewer than five workers and the rest from six to 10 employees.

Of the owners surveyed, 14.2% admitted that at some point they considered closing their business permanently. In addition, 7.2% of those surveyed are in temporary closure.

Augusto Valencia López, director of the IIEG, commented that the objective of the exercise is to have a diagnosis of the economic effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in the hotel sector, as well as to know their expectations in terms of employment and influx for the second 2021 semester. He highlighted that 58.5% of hotels project that sales will increase in the remainder of the year, compared to the same period in 2020. Also that 13.3% of hoteliers expect the number of workers to increase with respect to the same period of 2020 and 76.6% that their staff will remain the same.

For his part, the secretary of tourism, Germán Ralis Cumplido, pointed out that it is positive that most of the hoteliers surveyed have forecasts that the year will close with an increase in their income and said that they are working to stimulate the recovery of the sector. He recalled that during this month the cruises will return to Puerto Vallarta.

497 hotel owners from a universe of 2,818 economic units of this type in the State participated in the survey exercise. The uprising was made by telephone from June 23 to July 12.

Source: informador.mx

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