Mexican Startups, a segment with exponential growth


Mexico City, Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez, Guadalajara, El Bajío and Monterrey are the key places where startups are most developed, according to Alterpraxis.

Over the past few years, startups have become a continuously growing business segment. Only in 2010 investments in the sector were 55 million dollars and this year the figure rises to 1,000 million dollars.

“Unicorn” companies and startups have had rapid growth, and in our country, there are key points where a greater development of these can be observed. Mexico City, for example, stands out for being the headquarters of the federal government, prestigious educational universities, national and global corporations, as well as for having most of the risk capital, explains Miguel Tovar, partner of Alterpraxis, a service agency. digital and public relations in Mexico.

Likewise, Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez stand out for being manufacturing hubs linked to industrial segments in the United States; Monterrey is recognized as the industrial capital of Mexico and presents a dynamic business culture.

While Guadalajara is the Mexican Silicon Valley with more than 1,000 high-tech companies and advanced research centers; while El Bajío is positioned as one of the most relevant specialized industrial manufacturing centers in Latin America with the automotive, aerospace, logistics, pharmaceutical, and technology sectors.

In this environment, startups face several challenges to position themselves, such as: “Creating the foundations of a compelling and attractive storytelling, finding and triggering the elements of differentiation in a rapidly growing and changing segment, capturing the attention of institutional investors, as well as evangelizing and retaining users ”, affirms Miguel Tovar.

That is why Alterpraxis specialize to collaborate with these ventures. Tovar mentions that in this consulting firm, with 16 years of experience in Mexico, they understand the dynamics of the media, where they place the most precise messages, in addition to knowing the growing business angles, investment needs, and debt. in the short and medium-term.

Likewise, they develop digital communication strategies to recognize trends and promote high-impact dissemination initiatives; effectively link with government entities and communities in each step of the strategy and identify opportunities in accordance with the cities and regions of interest, considering aspects of the media, users and, of course, business challenges, says Miguel Tovar.

To guide entrepreneurs and achieve specific strategies for each case, Alterpraxis considers three development axes: building narratives that help in decision-making; design strategies to achieve the goals of socio-environmental sustainability and corporate governance, and the third axis is to disseminate in a timely manner to the public that corresponds to the objectives of each of its clients.

Through these approaches, Alterpraxis has managed to position some of the most prominent initiatives in Latin America, such as Jüsto, the digital supermarket; Enlight, which offers the most innovative solutions for the generation of distributed solar electricity for the industry, and Doctoralia, the leading platform where it is possible to contact health professionals from different specialties.


Mexico Daily Post