A young man is arrested for not wearing a mask in Oaxaca (videos)


After the complaint on social networks for the arrest of a young man, allegedly for not wearing a mask in San Pedro Pochutla, in Oaxaca, the authorities indicated that citizens must use the mask correctly to avoid the increase in COVID-19 infections.

In the videos that circulate of the arrest of the young man this weekend, it can be observed how in broad daylight, at least six municipal policemen enter a home and take the young man away, arrested for allegedly not wearing a mask, and take him away in two patrol cars that are parked on the street in front of the home from which the man was taken and where more officers are waiting.

While the uniformed Oaxacan people carry out this work, people from the community record and say that the police attack the residents of San Pedro Pochutla and emphasize that they are entering private property, to which the police ignore and then go up to one of the patrols the boy, they take him away.

Use of face mask mandatory

After the circulation of these videos on social networks, the director of Public Security and Road Police of San Pedro Puchutla, Michele Tanuz Cruz, indicated in a statement that, after the epidemiological traffic light changed from green to orange in the entity, the police have given the task of exhorting citizens to wear and use the mask correctly to avoid infections and deaths.

  • However, some people have engaged in acts of rebellion and resistance to these sanitary measures such as the use of face masks.

Tanuz Cruz says that there was an incident in a car wash where two of the policemen who made said invitation were attacked by several workers of the commercial premises, for which they had to restore order in the company of other colleagues, although two of them were with injuries.

Finally, the head of local Public Security indicated that the corporation does not act in a repressive or arbitrary manner but only to enforce the corresponding sanitary measures, therefore, no type of aggression will be allowed to any public servant without exception.

The law enforcement official explained that the citizen who does not comply with the above and puts this type of resistance before public servants who invite them to comply will have consequences since the use of face masks is mandatory and recalled that there are sanctions.

Source: unotv.com, sdpnoticias.com

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