AMLO government will not ask tourists for proof of vaccination to enter Mexico


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ruled out that his Administration requires proof of vaccination against Covid-19 from international travelers.

“Now in Europe, there are very strong demonstrations because they are asking for a vaccine identification to move or to enter shopping centers or restaurants and people are opposing that.”

“In the case of the Government of Mexico, we are not going to ask for that type of proof that is very clear,” he said.

The chief executive admitted that although infections are growing, the number of deaths has decreased because most older adults have already been vaccinated.

“Now the infections have to do with young people, who are very resistant and have not yet been vaccinated,” he said.


In early July, the Ministry of Health launched the Certificate of Vaccination against Covid-19 for vaccinated Mexicans. On the site, people must enter their Unique Population Registration Card (CURP) to obtain the document that has a QR code. 

The document can be verified in real-time by any authority that requires it.

In a morning conference, the federal president assured that state governments correctly apply the measures against Covid.

“We are going to continue to respect the decision of individual states and local municipalities decisions to request proof of covid vaccination to enter public areas and businesses.

No pedirá México certificados de vacunación a extranjeros

“But as the Government of Mexico, we not going to ask that kind of proof, that is very clear, ” he said.

López Obrador admitted an increase in covid infections in Mexico, however, he assured that the number of deaths has decreased because the majority of older adults have already been vaccinated.


Mexico Daily Post