Starting today in Mazatlan, proof of vaccination is needed to enter public spaces


It is the new provision that will be applied in the destination, and this also goes for tourists from various states of the Republic where the first dose of the anti-COVID vaccine has already been applied, declared Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Restaurantsclubs, bars, markets and shopping malls are the first establishments to request a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 to enter.

The Mazatlán city council sent a circular to businesses to inform them that for reasons of the health contingency, new measures for access to businesses will be implemented as of Monday.

The document specifies that Mazatlan locals will have to show the vaccination certificate or proof in case they only have the first dose.

If you do not have any of these proofs, present the negative test, in addition to that both cases must comply with the strict use of the mask.

Likewise, the establishments are notified that if they comply with these provisions, they will receive an administrative sanction.

Those in charge of the businesses will be in charge of requesting the certificate from the clients, in addition to keeping control of the temperatures of both the employees and the clients.

Employees of the shops of the Center said they were ready to start applying the new mechanisms to help stop this wave of infections.

Merchants will be responsible for ensuring that clients comply with the vaccination certificate

The Municipality specified that it has a list of the states where the COVID vaccine has already been applied, and for all those tourists the certificate will also be mandatory, if not, they will be prohibited from entering the public spaces of Mazatlán.  

“There are some states that have already been vaccinated, and in those states we are going to require them, for example; Durango, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, with the exception of Tamaulipas because they are missing in some places because they are vaccinated, with the exception of Baja California Norte because well, there are some parts that have not been vaccinated “

“… but we already have a list of places that can present their certificate,” he said. 

There will be flexibility for those who are not vaccinated against Covid-19, they will be able to present a test that is negative

The first committed to apply the protocols health are the entrepreneurs, thus supporting the measure requesting the certificate of vaccination in public spaces.

The president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Sinaloa, Miguel Hernández Fonseca, stressed that with the coordinated work between authorities and businessmen, the pandemic will be overcome, because a new closure would be catastrophic.

He explained that the Canaco partners throughout the state were trained in the application of protocols required by the secretary of health and will take the request for the vaccination card as one more.

For his part, the president of Canaco, Roberto Lem González, indicated that it will be the business employees themselves who will request the certificates from the clients, for which he asked all those who were vaccinated to bring it by hand electronically or in print, since this provision will go into effect in Mazatlán as of August 2.

He pointed out that, although at the moment they have not yet had the meeting with the municipal authorities in order to refine details, but surely they will have to ask for the voter’s credential to determine who should present their card since for the moment tourists are exempt.

In addition, he added that there will be flexibility for those who wish to enter a place and who at the moment cannot present a certificate of vaccination against Covid19, but who can present a negative test.

” There is a flexibility, for those who cannot have their vaccination certificate at the moment because they can present a negative test, there I think there is some flexibility, ” he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post