Puerto Vallarta improvised emergency Covid center, hospitals at 100%


To guarantee medical attention, air and ground transfers are carried out in coordination with the Jalisco Emergency Medical Care System (SAMU), the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara, Tomatlán, Mascota, and other units of the OPD Jalisco Health Services, including San Juan from the Lakes and Lagos de Moreno.

The interim municipal president, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, in the recent session of the City Council, announced that in the face of the “quite delicate situation”, they will enable the Community Development Center in Ixtapa, to care for Covid patients, who do not require intensive care but need use oxygen tanks. 

With the new 12 beds in this unit, the number of spaces available in Puerto Vallarta will increase to give a total of 52 beds for confirmed or suspected coronavirus patients. 

The Mayor warned that the Regional Hospital is 100 percent in intensive care beds in the COVID area, so in coordination with Dr. Jaime Álvarez Zayas, director of the VIII Health Jurisdiction, these spaces are already planned.

He asked for the support of the councilors: “We have a very delicate situation at the moment, yesterday we were 100% in the occupation of the Regional Hospital, a situation that from the day yesterday has set us in motion, we cannot allow him to grasp this issue with his fingers on the door ”.

The mayor announced, “We are already seeing, together with the Ministry of Health, a space in Ixtapa, the CDC, to be able to enable it at a certain time”, this before the rate of growth, they plan to have more hospital care sites for Covid-19 patients requiring oxygen.

Improvised Covid center in Ixtapa due to hospital collapse

The Community Development Center was the venue for courses, training, and workshops, but they closed precisely after the pandemic. In a tour of CPS Noticias -Tribuna de la Bahía, we were able to verify that this Saturday they were already enabling the CDC facilities, located in the Idipe neighborhood, city hall staff does cleaning, sanitizing, and painting.

The president urged the need to enable this space: “To be able to pass all the patients who only need oxygenation, a close care only with the issue of the participation of medical personnel from the Ministry of Health, we are doing it to be able to vent a little the issue of the Regional Hospital and continue serving people “, he stressed.

Quintero Alvarado asked the members of the full building, through their social networks and other means at their disposal to tell the public what is happening, “Without exaggerating the issue, without telling people things that are not and false news, here I do ask you to pass on the information that has to be and that we can at a certain moment all help together to get out of this great pothole ”.

A total of 195 workers of the Puerto Vallarta city council are infected with Covid-19, recognized the acting mayor Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado.

Vaccination day against Covid-19 in Puerto Vallarta.

The municipality stated that the tests will be carried out on all the personnel in order to “discard and send them home at once” to those who test positive and avoid more cases.

He pointed out that the city council cannot stop because it is currently in the reception delivery stage and pointed out that the tests will begin with those agencies that have greater contact with the public, such as municipal police, Public Services and Public Lighting, among others. . “All these dependencies are essential to keep the city running.”

Since the beginning of the week, a large part of the city council offices were sanitized as a result of these outbreaks.

The union leader of city council workers, Gilberto Lorenzo Rodríguez, had requested in a letter on July 21 to carry out Covid-19 tests for workers.

Mayor Quintero Alvarado, stressed that the decree on the closure of nightclubs and bars was already in place as of Friday, he said it is an important economic activity in the municipality on which thousands of families from Vallarta depend.

In addition, schemes will be sought to resume these activities, which will not be immediate, because it is the State Board of Health with which to work since it is the one that finally determines these guidelines and authorizes them, but he pondered that life is more important. than the economic reactivation.

Source: meganoticias.mx, jornada.com.mx, tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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