Cabo San Lucas health officials don’t enforce covid protocols, street overflowing with tourist


In a tour carried out by CPS Noticias, in the tourist area of ​​Cabo San Lucas, it could be seen that the outskirts of the nightclubs were crowded with people waiting to enter businesses, a situation that has prevailed for several consecutive weeks and to date no authority has enforced covid protocols.

Likewise, it is observed how street vendors took advantage of the fact that people were crowded together, happy on the outskirts of restaurants bars to sell chewing gum or handicrafts. There were even minors without masks in the crowd offering their products or receiving a few dollars, regardless of the risk of infection.

Streets of downtown CSL are crowded

These events that occurred after 9 o’clock at night highlighted the strong influx of both foreign and local visitors in the downtown area of ​​Cabo San Lucas, people who did not use the mask; if they did, it was the wrong way, as well as not keeping a healthy distance.

Followers of Tribuna Digital, upon seeing the live link from the tourist area of ​​Cabo San Lucas, expressed their annoyance and disagreement because it seems that there is no health contingency, being inconceivable how the economy was being generated in Los Cabos at the cost of risk to a spread of the Coronavirus.

Within the images, it is seen as personnel of some businesses that do not use the mask and also how several establishments do not respect the sanitary measures imposed by the Health authorities such as the one related to the allowed capacity.


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